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Unplug to Connect With Your Kids: Road Trip 101

Do you hear that? What you’re not hearing are your kids. They’re in the backseat, quietly plugged into their electronics. Maybe the silence is welcome—they’re not arguing, poking each other, or asking “When are we gonna be there?”. on repeat. Nor are they talking about the funky, retro billboard they just saw, or searching for the letters of the alphabet on license plates, or daydreaming while the world slides past their windows.
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25 City Adventures for Families

Lonely Planet’s family travel experts have explored 25 cities around the globe to find the spots that adults and children alike will love. From mind-blowing museums to picnic-ready parks, our guide is packed with tips and recommendations to help you plan your perfect city trip – plus fun facts and activities to inspire your little ones.
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Is it Safe to Travel in Europe?

In the past six months, terrorist attacks have besieged the European cities of Paris, Istanbul, and, just last week, Brussels. In the aftermath of this most recent tragedy, the U.S. State Department issued an alert advising American citizens of the possible risks associated with travel to and throughout Europe. Link to Story

The Way to Jay – A Multigen Weekend at Jay Peak

Bringing my dad on a ski trip is kind of an oxymoron. The man hates cold and snow more than just about anyone else I know and I blame his aversion to all things winter for my learning to ski so late in life. On the flip side my dad loves to travel and is a big fan of his three granddaughters, so inviting him to join us for a trip up to Jay Peak Resort made sense, despite the fact that it meant that he might have to put on a pair of boots.
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Cozy Digs on a Frosty Night – A Review of Burlington’s Hotel Vermont

If you follow this blog you know that our family spends quite a bit of time in Vermont. Whether we’re skiing the slopes or hiking the trails, the Green Mountain state is one of our favorite destinations. Despite frequent visits, we hadn’t managed to make it to one of Vermont’s coolest cities. Subsequently, Burlington has been at the top of my travel list for quite some time.
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Every Family Needs a Digital Detox

On the morning of her fifth grade moving up ceremony, we presented our rising middle-schooler with her first phone – a hand-me-down device with a sliding keyboard. She would be able to call home and text a bit with her friends. The phone had no bells or whistles and its role in her life was simple – she could reach us and we could reach her.
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Best Caribbean Islands for Sailing Charters

Planning to island hop? A sailing charter through the Caribbean is the best way to do it. Here are five of the best Caribbean charter destinations that will take you through the some of the lushest islands and hidden gems. May the wind be at your sails! Often thought of as the boating capital of the Caribbean, the BVI is paradise found.
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Yosemite National Park Forced to Rename Iconic Landmarks

In an ongoing legal battle over trademark rights, Yosemite National Park has renamed five of its most iconic landmarks. Delaware North Company (DNC), which has served as the park’s concessionaire since 1993, claims ownership over several of the park’s trade names and is demanding more than $50 million for their continued use, despite the fact that the U.S. government puts their worth at $3.5 million. Link to Story

Stratton WOWs at its Women on SnoW Camp

When I first learned to ski at the age of 40, I expected to fall—a lot. I expected the learning curve to be far steeper than a bunny hill. I expected it would be a long time before I would climb aboard a real lift and ski down a real slope. I was wrong. My initiation to the sport happened in Stowe, Vermont with two beginner group lessons.
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Ski Resorts Combat the 'Backyard Effect'

December was oddly tropical, and it's hard to remember that winter is in full swing just a couple hundred miles north.
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7 Best Snorkeling Spots in St. John

With miles of natural coral reef, excellent visibility and a gentle coastline with access, the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John is a snorkeler’s paradise. From hidden coves to must-see reefs, these are the top snorkeling spots in St. Five miles east of Cruz Bay lies Maho’s blissful sheltered bay.
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Québec’s P’tit Train du Nord – The Perfect Family Bike Trip

My husband has always loved a good bike trip. As a boy of 15, his dad drove him uptown to the George Washington Bridge from their Greenwich Village apartment to pedal from New York City to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia lead only by a 20-something American Youth Hostels counselor. Several more trips followed, including a month-long cycling and camping tour through Italy.
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Gina Vercesi

Gina Vercesi is a freelance writer with a passion for exploring nature and the outdoors. Gina features off-the-grid family travel adventures on her blog, Kids Unplugged, writes as the “Unplugged” Traveling Mom for the Traveling Mom Writers' Network, and is one of Ski Vermont's All Mountain Mamas. She lives with her husband and three daughters about 20-miles north of New York City in a friendly village on the Hudson River.